Oh, Hey.

I’m here to help you be a super-savvy home buyer or seller in the Southern California area, so your next move will be your best move yet.

Oh Hey.

I’m here to help you be a super-savvy home buyer or seller in the Southern California area, so your next move will be your best move yet.

What’s your next move?

Enjoy a fun & memorable experience from start to finish

Want a Realtor who is fun, genuine, and a no-slouch expert to handle the intricate details and represent your best interests? Meet Christine Castillo …

Why work with Christine?

Realtor turned friend
Selling or Buying a home can be such an emotional experience. I understand this all to well. When you have a Realtor that has the ability to listen to you, talk you through the process and come from a place of understanding , naturally a friendship starts to take shape ..60% of my business comes from past clients sending me referrals . Their trust and friendship is so important to me .
Empathetic to your experience
Isn’t moving the worst?! Even when everything goes perfectly, moving can still be so stressful. Here’s what helps: knowing what to expect. I’ll educate you every step of the way to make this move as great as it can be.
Creative negotiation, so you get the best deal
Contracts are tricky, and there are several points of negotiation that occur even after a deal is struck. I think ahead and minimize, or even eliminate, the negotiating power of the other side so you get the best deal.
Ego-free (or at least greatly reduced) experience
I’ll just be blunt .. I never want to be the Realtor that thinks they hung the moon and has 2 assistants doing all my work . That’s not what I’m about. If that’s what your looking for then I’m not your Realtor. I’ve been in sales since I was 17. My approach is old school. Work hard. Make sure the client is happy. It’s all about my clients . Without them I don’t have a job. They are what’s important!
Great Rolodex of contractors
I’ve kissed a ton of contractor frogs to get to the great list of people I have today, and I’m proud to refer you to the best of the best. Count on me to refer you to honest, hard-working, and fairly-priced people to help you with that anything-that-needs-fixing list.
Easy for other realtors to work with
A good Realtor will always strive to have a smooth stress free transaction and that starts with having a Good reputation with other Realtors. People always want to do business with people they like . This becomes especially important when it comes to getting your offer accepted. No Agent wants to work with the pit bull Realtor that never answers their phone.

A little  LOVE  sent from clients.

My wife and I moved to California 4 years ago from St. Louis for work and had been renting in Rancho Cucamonga since then. Given current rent costs, we had been looking to purchase for the last 6 months, but were unable to find the perfect home. Christine was fantastic in providing us with constant updates on local listings that would meet our needs. Once we found the perfect house in Alta Loma/Rancho Cucamonga through her listings, she was able to negotiate with the listing agent the day we saw the house, have our contract accepted, and we closed in 2 weeks! We couldn't have asked for a more personable, knowledgeable, and professional agent to meet our needs. Her team was fantastic, we were able to secure our loan in a short period of time and love our new home. We would use her again in a heartbeat and have recommended her to others who are in the market. Thank you Christine and your team for making this process the best we have ever had! Mark Sanford and Mary Carter.
“We found ourselves searching for a Real Estate Agent when a family member needed to quickly sell her home. Christine was recommended by a friend who had recently used her services. From the very first meeting with her, we couldn't have been happier. She is a professional with excellent knowledge of the industry and wonderful interpersonal skills. There were times during the process when things got a little tricky. Christine easily handled every potential problem that came our way. In the end, she even won over a skeptical family member with her skills and very pleasant demeanor. I won't hesitate to call her again if I ever need to buy or sell a property.

(I’m blushing, but so grateful for such wonderful clients!)

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