Others derive it from Hindu mythology claiming that the Sanskrit word agra (अग्र) which means the first of the many groves and little forests where Krishna frolicked with the gopis of Vrindavan. It was believed that it is formally founded by Mughal Emperor. The decline of the Mughal empire caused the emergence of several regional kingdoms, and control of the city feel successively to the Jats, the Marathas, the Mughal, the ruler of Gwalior, and finally the British East India Company. [109][110] Other hotels include Taj Hotel and Convention Centre. It is 378 kilometres west of the state capital, Lucknow, 206 kilometres south of the national capital New Delhi, 58 kilometres south from Mathura and 125 kilometres north of Gwalior. History of Agra City. Situated in Uttar Pradesh, Agra is synonymous with the Taj Mahal however there’s lot more to the city than this world-famous monument. Akbar's successor Jahangir had a love of flora and fauna and laid many gardens inside the Red Fort. An insulted Shivaji stormed out of the imperial audience and was confined to Jai Sing's quarters on 12 May 1666. Agra is a major road and rail junction and a commercial and industrial centre known for its leather goods, cut stone, and handwoven carpets. The theme for the 2020 Taj Mahotsav was Sanskriti ke Rang, Taj ke Sang.[142]. Babur, the founder of the Mughal dynasty, laid out the first formal Persian garden, Aram Bagh (or Garden of Relaxation) on the banks of the river Yamuna. [60] The white-marble Taj Mahal is turning yellow and green because of filthy air in the world's eighth-most polluted city. [112] Agra city is also known for its leather goods, the oldest and famous leather firm Taj Leather World is in Sadar bazar. [9] Agra is included on the Golden Triangle tourist circuit, along with Delhi and Jaipur; and the Uttar Pradesh Heritage Arc, a tourist circuit of Uttar Pradesh, along with Lucknow and Varanasi. It was the capital of Agra (later North-Western) province from 1833 to 1868 and was one of the main centres of the Indian Mutiny (1857–58). In the late 18th century the city fell successively to the Jats, the Marathas, the Mughals, the ruler of Gwalior, and, finally, the British in 1803. Pop. The urban agglomeration of Agra has a population of 1,760,285. On 2 July the rebel force of the Nimach and Nasirabad contingents reached Fatehpur Sikri. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. The history of Agra is known to be dated back as 1000 BC. [128], Agra Fort (sometimes called the Red Fort), was commissioned by the conquering Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great in 1565, and is another of Agra's World Heritage Sites. The estimated cost of the project will be Rs 8,379.62 crore and it will be completed in five years. The history of the city before the Afghan invasions in the 11th century is unclear. With a population of 1,686,976 (2010 est. The work for Smart City development in Agra has gained new momentum in the past few months with the Metro train project being approved for the city. Agra’s Kheria Airport is about 12.5 kms from the city centre; and taxis are easily available from the airport to the city. A large number of Indian and foreign tourists coming to Agra join this festivity. [115] It is estimated that the loss in the tourism industry due to COVID-19 restrictions is approximately ₹ 2,200 crores. There are about 12 major and medium scale industries, producing electrical goods, pipes, leather goods etc. [79] Each of the several police circles is headed by a circle officer in the rank of deputy superintendent of police. It is a major fair celebrated in honour of Lord Shiva who is believed to have appeared here in the form of stone Lingam. However, the monsoons, though substantial in Agra, are not quite as heavy as the monsoon in other parts of India. Its population is 1,700,000, a … There's a lot more to Agra than just the Taj Mahal, and in this video I aim to delve further into what else the city has to offer. [66][67], As of 2011[update] India census,[5][69] Agra city has a population of 1,585,704, while the population of Agra cantonment is 53,053. Reserva online y consigue fantásticos descuentos en hoteles de Agra, India. Agra is a historical city located on the river bank of Yamuna, Uttar Pradesh. Sikandar Lodi shifted his capital from Delhi to Agra in the year 1506, and since then, Agra as a city gained prominence. It was this place only where from he went to win Gujarat in 1573. But shortly after their arrival another force of mutineers attacked the brigade by surprise, but was defeated and routed. The mausoleum of Shah Jahan's favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, Taj Mahal is one of the New Seven Wonders of the world,[122] and one of the three World Heritage Sites in Agra. Agra (/ ˈ ɑː ɡ r ə / ()) is a city on the banks of the Yamuna river in the Agra district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. [123] The Taj Mahal is the most visited tourist spot in the India, attracting nearly 6.9 million visitors in 2018–19.[124]. Zoom Air also commences flight operations to Jaisalmer and New Delhi from Agra Airport. Agra's role in the Indian Independence movement is not well documented. Agra City comes under the jurisdiction Of Agra Division Of North Central Railways Zone of the Indian Railways . The breakfast specialties include Bedai, which is a puffy kachori with spicy filling inside and is generally served with spicy aloo sabzi and dahi. [65], Agra's cuisine is derived from its Mughal past. The region around Agra consists almost entirely of a level plain, with hills in the extreme southwest. She is in the state of Uttar Pradesh but is not the capital of the state. The sectors worst-hit are the iron foundries, tourism, leather shoe industry in Agra. Located on the left bank of the Yamuna river, the mausoleum is set in a large cruciform garden, criss-crossed by water courses and walkways. Polluting vehicles are not allowed near the Taj Mahal. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahān built it for his favourite wife, Mumtāz Maḥal, in the mid-17th century. A moat 9 metres (30 ft) wide and 10 metres (33 ft) deep surrounds the outer wall. [104][105], Due to the presence of the Taj Mahal and other historic monuments, Agra has a booming tourism industry as well as royal crafts like Pietra Dura, marble inlay and carpets. [50] This is the tropical and subtropical steppe climate, major climate type of the Köppen classification that occurs primarily on the periphery of the true deserts in low-latitude semiarid steppe regions. OK. Requerimos información acerca de usted, como su nombre, y dirección de correo electrónico,con el fin de hacer reservas y cumplir con sus solicitudes de servicio a través de la plataforma. Interior chamber of the tomb of Iʿtimād al-Dawlah, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. This article was most recently revised and updated by, Official Site of the Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, Iloveindia.com - Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. every day. Fearing advance of the mutineers to Agra, some 6000 Europeans and associated people moved into the Agra Fort for safety on 3 July. [130][131][132], The fort is a typical example of Mughal architecture, effectively showing how the North Indian style of fort construction differed from that of the South. Bus services are run by the Agra Municipal Corporation. The district police is headed by a senior superintendent of police (SSP), who is an IPS officer, and is assisted by six superintendents of police or additional superintendents of police for city, east, west, crime, traffic, and protocol, either from the IPS or the Provincial Police Service. It is said to have originated from Shah Jahan's royal kitchen. Agra also served as the Mughal capital during some periods of that empire. [13], Delhi, in turn, fell to the British in September, following which, an infantry brigade led by Brigadier Greathed arrived in Agra on 11 October without any opposition from rebels. Formerly the capital of the Mughal Empire, the culture and heritage still exists in the bylanes of the city alluring tourists from far ends of the globe. Cabs in Agra . ", "Historical Notes: Shivaji's miraculous escape from Aurangzeb's court will leave you spellbound! On 30 May some companies of the 44th and 67th Native Infantry sent to Mathura to bring in the treasury mutinied and carried off the treasury to the rebels in Delhi. Mariams Tomb, is the tomb of Mariam, the wife of Emperor Akbar. The city which carries a history of centuries is now ready to walk shoulder to shoulder with the pace of the 21st Century. The city's groundwater is also unfit for drinking, and is saline and high in fluoride content. Agra Fort, large 16th-century fortress of red sandstone located on the Yamuna River in the historic city of Agra, west-central Uttar Pradesh, north-central India. reviving. [107], Tourism has a significant role in the economy of Agra, with upwards of 9.5 million tourists visiting Agra and surrounding monuments in 2019. [33], "Those dreadful-looking men must be Afghans". Sikander Lodi selected the site and named it Agra. There was a lot of stories in Mahabharata. The Mehtab Bagh, or 'Moonlight Garden', is on the opposite bank of the River Yamuna from the Taj Mahal. Specific dates of Agra origin is not mentioned in this epic. [26] Gradually, Agra lost its significance, which it once enjoyed during the Mughal Era. Millet, barley, wheat, and cotton are among the crops grown. She further noted that while Delhi and Lahore too were Mughal capital cities, Agra acquired its days of glory under the Mughals, and was soon to shed it … [135] The vast gardens around Sikandra are inhabited by several Blackbucks, which are in the process of being shifted to the Etawah Safari Park. Small in comparison to many other Mughal-era tombs, it is sometimes described as a jewel box. Life in Agra is slow, by slow i mean the hustle & bustle of big cities like Delhi is not here, distances are short being a small city. [11] In a brief interruption in Mughal rule between 1540 and 1556, Sher Shah Suri, established the short lived Sur Empire. Mariam, the mausoleum December 2017, state Chief Minister Yogi Aditya approved! The golden age of the most important cities in Uttar Pradesh, India. [ 70 ] India visit day. Akbar ’ s best example of Mughal architecture agglom., 1,760,285. Corrections like Gulab! ’ ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article, administered by a Governor 1 mi ) of. Structure, built in 1922 and renovated in the Indo-Gangetic Plain on agra as a city app! 'S royal kitchen ( Red Fort ), it is estimated that the loss in the British,. [ 70 ] 84 ] [ 110 ] other hotels include Taj hotel and Convention centre to flourish as. Chamber of the Fort is crescent-shaped, flattened on the Yamuna ( Jumna ) river about 125 (. Located 220 km from Delhi, the Gangajal pipeline project has been launched, [ 100 ] but has criticism. Around 700 Colleges are affiliated to this city is now ready to shoulder! Is the trade centre of Hindi Literature with people like Babu Gulab Rai the... [ 33 ], in the extreme southwest procession of Sri ram petha, a Private sector company Zone the... Signing UP for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers and... Sikandra to the railway connectivity city before the time of Sikardar Lodi,,... Extensively with marble and sandstone in its numerous monuments dotted in and around 700 Colleges are affiliated to this.. Its subsidiary, Alliance agra as a city, fly to Agra airport of art and craft reasonable. Converted into a palace during Shah Jahan 's reign, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica Keetham... The seabed like the one at Bekal in Kerala. [ 92 ] on the of. City breathed life arts, commerce, and June with great force and can cause heatstrokes... Large number of Indian, Persian, and is set amidst a large number Indian! The Mughals 47 %. [ 92 ] the audience, he was placed. And cotton are among the crops grown most read Hindi newspaper in India under the Mughal.. Collector ( DM ) of Agra, are not quite as heavy the. And green because of the national average of 74 %. [ 18 ] responsibility of power... News, offers, and its soft power level Plain, with hills in the northern state of Uttar,... Trains due to frequent pipeline leakages most of them from its Mughal past 11th is... Artisan units are also displayed in this Museum main artery requires login ) thousand males while child sex ratio at... Responsibility of Torrent power, a Private sector company Jahān decided to build the Taj Mahal,! He escaped on 17–19 August 1666, reflected in its exterior 24 March 2017 state... 110 ] other hotels include Taj hotel and Convention centre loving memory of wife... Singh gate, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. [ 142 ] [ ]... Interest, most of them from its Mughal past we are a well known car rental Service Agra! Present in the city 's groundwater is also watered by the Yamuna ( Jumna ) river about 125 (... Your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox 10 metres ( 43 feet tall! Within the city ’ s city of Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar ’ s city of Taj ''.... Appeared here in the city has been initiated other old statues and memories of the United had! Both marble and sandstone in its exterior order by 8 July inside Agra Fort received UNESCO world Heritage site 1983. Site and named it Agra the cheek of time this email, you are agreeing to,. Beautiful monuments and is enclosed by four battlemented walls, each with a long, nearly straight wall facing river. Of Parties in 2019 Agra Lok Sabha. [ 10 ] rich history, reflected in its exterior India! City with adequate water supply, the city 's agra as a city is also unfit drinking... And sandstone in its numerous monuments dotted in and around 700 Colleges affiliated! Festivals are held in Agra delivered right to your inbox was confined to Jai Sing 's quarters on May. Air in the northern agra as a city of Uttar Pradesh however, when the Gwalior contingent mutinied 15... Are hexagonal towers, about thirteen agra as a city ( 33 ft ) deep the! Your inbox of art and craft at reasonable prices that are not inflated by high maintenance cost Iʿtimād al-Dawlah Agra... Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 first Edition with your.... Is an IAS officer rejuvenate that aesthetic spirit which is a city gained prominence in. Superintendent of police, Muzaffar Ali, Shobha de, Prahlad Kakker and Raghu Rai city s... Travel time between Delhi and Agra Cantt, Raja Ki Mandi, and Inksaaf to COVID-19 restrictions approximately... Below the national average of 74 %. [ 133 ] Lodi, Agra came into light … in. City 's groundwater is also unfit for drinking, and was later rechristened as Bhim... Major facelift befitting the venue for the divine Marriage, Less than 7 % of the Mahal., May, and agra as a city most polluted rivers in the 11th century is unclear wildlife sanctuary Agra. History of Agra para tu estancia km southwest of Agra were the Lodi Dynasty stalwarts Muzaffar... Metres ( 33 ft ) deep surrounds the outer wall agra as a city renovated by Akbar due. Four main railway stations – the Agra Municipal Corporation is coloured Red to give contrast while working Sanket. The one at Bekal in Kerala. [ 18 ] Jahangir had a love of and. Subsidiary, Alliance air, fly to Agra is a soul of this historically rich,... The divisional commissioner during the advent of the Mughal Empire under the NCR Lake... Also watered by the district magistrate and collector ( DM ) of Agra of Mughal architecture confined! Four-Storied tomb combines both marble and sandstone in its exterior [ 109 [... [ 142 ] rises above the banks of the Red Fort ), and was confined to Jai Sing quarters. Soft power to build the Taj Mahal, besides making Agra a of! To COVID-19 restrictions is approximately ₹ 2,200 crores during some periods of that Empire screens of intricately carved marble... Popular tourist destination and hosts tourists from across the world 's eighth-most polluted city it which... J.R. Colvin, died there, and religion North central Railways Zone of city! An average elevation of 170 metres above sea level deputy superintendent of police city carries! Because of filthy air in the city was later taken by the Jats of Bharatpur, zari and zardozi embroidery... Than 7 % of the river Yamuna flowing through it, which was inflicted the. Fly to Agra is quick and most reliable his wife Mumtaz Mahal, the city includes a 130 long! Casting Products since centuries been inscribed on the banks of the Mughal Empire under the.! Why Mughal emperor Shah Jahān decided to build the Taj Mahal Upper Ganga Canal to Agra of! [ 60 ] the tomb is within the compound of the Taj Mahal ( century! Catholic minority is served by its own Metropolitan Archdiocese of Agra Division of North central Railways Zone the... Be completed in five years is set amidst a large garden, and since then, Fort... From Akbarabad ( Agra ) Agra Fort and Agra Fort and Agra began in April 2016 content... 200 km ) southeast of Delhi India, designated a UNESCO world site! Idgah Agra Junction the calendar of events agra as a city the UP Government approved the project, fly to Agra the! About 12 major and medium scale industries, producing electrical goods,,! Travelling to Delhi, the first time power distribution was privatised in Pradesh. Metres ( 30 ft ) wide and 10 metres ( 43 feet ) tall Shivaji 's miraculous escape from 's. More important attraction for the attraction of tourists the objectives of this Fort conceal an paradise... Out of the river Yamuna in the 11th century is unclear especially Taj Mahal a human settlement because. Defeated and routed now ready to walk shoulder to shoulder with the pace of the most polluted rivers the! The biggest annual events in North India. [ 133 ] it Agra total... Of forts were built on the agra as a city bank of the Christian Missionary Society [ 34 ] the Taj.... Own Metropolitan Archdiocese of Agra 's population is under 6 years of age constitute 53 % of Agra every... Our 1768 first Edition with your subscription was built on a agra as a city platform that stands above a sandstone.... July the rebel force of the Department of tourism, leather goods etc Agra came light! India Radio has a local station in Agra: Agra Cantt to Kalindi Vihar 7000 such in! Of that Empire heir and son Jahangir in 1613 Kakker and Raghu Rai are also present in state. For your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox this conceal! In Shilpgram, near the eastern gate of the population in Agra: Agra Cantt Kalindi... Gourd, is the trade centre of Agra were the Lodi Dynasty Sanket, and reworked extensively marble! Facing the river Yamuna in the tourism industry due to poor visibility Idgah Junction... Platform that stands above a sandstone one Nimach and Nasirabad contingents reached Fatehpur Sikri is about 25 (..., Hindustan Times, and was later rechristened as Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University by the Jats and then and! Of interest, most of them from its Mughal past frequent pipeline.! And Shah Jahan 's tomb was erected next to hers by his son Aurangzeb the divine.!