The goddess is regarded as one of the oldest worshiped deities in Babylon. In some Babylonian artworks, he is seen riding on the back of a lion with a scorpion’s tail. Benzaiten(弁財天), Goddess of Knowledge, Art and Beauty, especially Music. 6 . Nergal - God of the underworld, Nergal was an evil god who brought war and famine on the people. For exorcists, he had an even higher significance as they received from him the knowledge of the rituals required to expel evil forces. In the law codes, Shamash is shown as the ruler and controller of the universe. Ancient Mesopotamians like the Akkadians, Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians believed in worshiping various gods and goddesses. These gods reflected the various needs and fears of the different peoples. Some Sumerian sources and texts depict Tiamat, the primordial goddess of ocean as the mother of Enki. Ningišzida's name, and those of his courtiers (see below) reflect this connection, while descriptions of him include: \"Lord of pastures and fields\" and \"like fresh grass\" (Wiggerman 1998-2001b). God of vegetation and lover of Inanna. I love history. They loved writing and it was during their time that various forms of texts and tablets came to be written and spoken about. One such god was Shamash or Utu. There are mentions of Enki in numerous Sumerian texts that speak about the power of his virility. It was in 14th century BC that Ashur came to be known as the husband of Ninlil and father of Zababa and Ninirta. Mesopotamian religious beliefs centered around numerous divinities and deities, one among which was Enki, also called the ‘Lord of the Earth’. In Babylonia and Assyria, he was called Adad, in Ugrait, he was Hadad, and in Sumer, he was known as Iskur. One god or deity to have been revered as the god of fertility was Dagon, or Dagan. There is a legend according to which the god engaged in a epic battle against a monstrous bird called Imdugud after the Tablet of Destinies was stolen by the creature. The mountains get created from her breasts, while, her spit gives birth to mist. Bishamonten(毘沙門天), God (see trivia) of Warriors. The Babylonians also identified him with the planet Mercury. Dagon was the western Semitic god of the fertility of crops. In the religion of Mesopotamian people, there were innumerable gods and goddesses, each of whom personified a specific aspect or element. The Babylonians, Macmillan, 1988, is, despite its name, a comprehensive and scholarly coverage of ancient Mesopotamian civilization up to the end of the Neo-Babylonian empire in the 6th century BC. Nanna (also known as Nannar, Nanna-Suen, Sin, Asimbabbar, Namrasit, Inbu) is the Mesopotamian god of the moon and wisdom. Mesopotamian mythology refers to the myths, religious texts, and other literature that comes from the region of ancient Mesopotamia in modern-day West Asia.In particular the societies of Sumer, Akkad, and Assyria, all of which existed shortly after 3000 BCE and were mostly gone by 400 CE. It is believed that Hammurabi, the Babylonian king, derived most of his laws from Shamash. Until the 1800s, when the lost civilization was discovered, no one knew of the existence of a land called Sumer in ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iran and Iraq). If your door stuck and was hard to open maybe you weren’t paying enough attention to the gods. The Sumerians and Mesopotamia. He separated An and Ki (his grand-parents), and he carried off … In ancient Mesopotamia, people believed in many gods and goddesses. He was worshiped widely in Middle Eastern areas during ancient times. Shamash (aka Sumerian "Utu"), the sun God The visible planets were also associated with divinities: 1. The god destroys the land with a strong wind and makes it barren. However, some scripts say that he was the son of the god of all lands, Bel. In the second millennium, he appeared in different texts, letters, and lists of offerings. The fertile crescent stretches from _____ to _____. Babylonian - The Big Myth, Creation Story (another version, narrated) The Gloomy Gods of Mesopotamia - here are their stories! The Mesopotamians had gods for everything. The tradition of building a ziggurat was started by the Sumerians, but other civilizations of Mesopotamia such as the Akkadians, the … Mesopotamia is widely considered to be the longest and oldest human civilization, where the earliest cities in world history appeared about 3500 BC. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. These were the most important gods in Sumeria. In the Babylonian myth related to the flood, Enlil is depicted as the flood itself. He became famous in Babylon during the first millennium as he was the son of the god Marduk. Every city in Mesopotamia, would always worship one of the Major Mesopotamian Gods. To the Babylonians, Marduk was the most powerful god. Kings were not gods. They tried to keep the gods happy and satisfied. The latter, with his evil wind, robs Tiamat of all her powers, and is killed with his arrow. We’ve tried to pin them down to a particular area if possible. Let’s take a look at the top 15 Mesopotamian gods and goddesses that were revered in ancient Mesopotamia. Unusually, in the cult of Nanna, the moon was thought to be the father of the sun. The word dagon was the Ugaritic and Hebrew collective noun for grain, and Dagon was worshiped as far back as the earliest days of 2500 BC. He became one of the important gods known as the lords of Abzu or Apsu, the god of fresh water. The Assyrian Ashur was equivalent to Enlil who was the supreme god of Nippur. 200. There are other mentions of him in various Akkadian texts where he is depicted as a destroyer. Shamash was considered the patron deity of justice. … Gods of Heaven and Earth. Adding some. The 10 Oldest Ancient Civilizations That Have Ever Existed, Top 10 Most Worshiped Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Top 10 Inventions and Discoveries of Ancient Greece…, Top 11 Inventions and Discoveries of Mesopotamia, Top 10 Sumerian Inventions and Discoveries, Top 9 Outstanding Examples of Mesopotamian Art, Top 21 Fascinating Facts about the Ancient Persian Empire, Top 12 Surprising and Fascinating Facts about Ancient Sumer, Top 13 Surprising and Fascinating Facts about Ancient Babylonia, Top 12 Fascinating Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia. There's Enki/Ea, the god of the air and one of the chief gods. He was also worshiped in Borsippa, Babylon’s sister city. There were other important deities in Mesopotamia. He was also known as Shulman and his worship started out in Assyria. in the Mesopotamia religiou there are 4min gods of earth water air and the lesser gods and heavens and there were 3000 lesser gods and each represented and every day them like a pickaxe if you were mining and the pickaxe slipped and fell on your foot the god of the pickaxe hated you. The pantheon of gods in Mesopotamia was an extension of their culture and spiritual beliefs. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. These included – Supreme Ruler of the Kingdom of Heaven, and Lord of the Constellations. His cult declined in 1230 BC when Nippur was taken over by the Elamites. He was sometimes pictured with his pet dragon. The main sources I have used for the history of ancient Mesopotamia are: Roux, G., Ancient Iraq, Penguin, 1992, is a very readable overview of the subject for the general reader. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. In the battle, Ninurta killed other monsters like the dragon, bison beast, the snake with seven heads, mermaid, wild ram with six heads, Palm tree king and Lord Saman-ana. Ordinary Mesopotamians visited their temples with offerings, such as animals to sacrifice, to please their gods. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Warka Vase. There are a lot more than 7 gods in the ancient Mesopotamian religion. Being the god of water, he was the patron deity of cleaners as well. He was considered the supreme deity over all the other gods. Ancient Mesopotamia and the Hebrew Bible. Daikokuten(大黒天), God of Wealth, Commerce and Trade. Gods, Goddesses, Demons & Monsters The Mesopotamian scribes compiled long lists of their gods. She was the deity of writing and scribes. They left behind statues in a position of worship, which would pray continually to the gods on their behalf. Ancient Egypt. In the epic myth of Enuma Elis, Tiamat is the antagonist and fights Marduk. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Ningal, “the great lady” was his wife, the sun god Utu-Shamash was his son, and Inanna, the goddess of love, was his daughter. He was believed to be the benefactor of humans, listening to their prayers, bringing life from death, and protecting livestock and agriculture. He was typically worshiped along with his famous animal – the bull. the gods in art are given in illustrations 53 and 76. Many Gods are spread across different regions, cultures and tribes. Gibil imparted wisdom about metallurgy, and many writers describe him as “the god of the forge.” He had a mind so vast that even the other gods were unable to fathom it. In the later part of 2050 BC, Ishtar came to be worshiped as the patron goddess of war and combat, and was therefore, respected by all Assyrian kings. He set up the me, or laws of the universe, but he broke the laws and was banished to the underworld. Perforated Relief of Ur-Nanshe. First some explanation of the titles or groups whom the Gods of Mesopotamia belonged to : 1. Most people worshiped him in an avatar that wore a horned head dress. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. He is among the oldest of the Mesopotamian gods. Some texts claim he was the supreme ruler of heaven. Ebisu(恵比須), God of Fishers and Mer… Nergal - God of the underworld, Nergal was an evil god who brought war and famine on the people. Representing a bull, Sin or Nanna was the protector and patron deity of Ur. Ninurta was a god, depicted in Mesopotamian texts as a winged lion, and was worshiped as the patron lord of law and scribes. Ningišzida, like his father Ninazu, is a chthonic TT deity associated with vegetation, growth and decay, snakes and demons. According to the Hebrew Bible, also called Tanakh, Dagon was the chief or supreme god of the people of Philistines. Enki and later Nabu was associated with the planet Mercury 2. Next lesson. His birth is related to the myth of Enlil and Ninlil where Enlil seduces Ninlil and she becomes pregnant. The Mesopotamian gods bore many similarities with humans, and were anthropomorphic, thereby having humanoid form. What are the 7 gods of Mesopotamia? His chief cult lies in Ur, and he was mentioned in different inscriptions and hymns there between 2047 and 1750 BC. He was the supreme god of Babylonians and had his main temple called Esagila. Sin’s temples or sanctuaries were located in Ur, Urum, Nippur and Babylon. Assur. Some claim that he was worshiped as the Lord ghost, while, others regarded him to be the Lord of air. Gods, Goddesses, Demons and Monsters The people of Mesopotamia believed that their world was controlled by gods and goddesses, demonsand monsters. His central temple was the temple of Ekur in Nippur, which people believed he had built for himself. The god was the divine personification of magic, intelligence as well as crafts and creations. Though he had no cult under his name, he was worshiped widely, particularly in the cities of Babylon and Ashur. As per one aspect, Tiamat was a personification of feminine beauty and grace. Ancient Gods, Goddesses, and Magical Beings for Kids. Sin was depicted as a bull with ‘waxing moon’ symbol lodged in his horns. Marduk was Enki’s son and appeared wearing robes that rendered a royal look to his personality. His iconography depicts him as standing with his hands in the posture of a priest wearing a horned cap on his head. Where hurricanes and storms were symbols of his anger … He was a god who performed great deeds, but he was also seen as flawed in many ways. The Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. The god of heaven, Anu, was his father, and Shalash was his consort. Let us carry Ellil, The counsellor of gods, the warrior, from his dwelling. The gods were known by different names depending on whether the scribes wrote Sumerian or Akkadian. Babylonian Gods. He is goddess Atargatis’s consort and was the main god of the western Semites. It refers to the Tigris-Euphrates river system and corresponds to the modern day Iraq, Kuwait and some parts of Syria, Turkey and Iran. How Marduk Became King of All the Gods (one version) The Story of Marduk. The religion of Mesopotamian people was dominated by the presence of several prime gods and goddesses. Marduk. In this, at least, all men were equal in ancient Mesopotamia. Mesopotamians believed that their gods are personified by the planets and that the planetary motions are means of conveyance of gods intention. The gods of Mesopotamia were represented in human form. On the other hand, she symbolized chaos. As well as being the god of fire, he was also the refiner of metallic objects, and hence the patron of metalworkers. Ishtar was regarded as the supreme goddess of beauty and desire. While Ea created mankind, Enlil attempted to destroy it with a large flood because their noise disturbed his sleep. Temples were places where people went to pray to the gods and goddesses. Ninurta was often depicted as a god who held a bow and an arrow along with a mace or a sword. Mesopotamian gods like Anu were highly respected and worshiped in ancient land of Mesopotamia. The Gloomy Gods of Ancient Mesopotamian He also brought the rivers of Tigris and Euphrates to flow out from her eyes, and basically helped in creating the world. 4. He is also known as the governor of the universe and, as such, is seen seated on a throne with a staff and a ring in his hands as the symbols of righteousness and justice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The counsellor of gods, the warrior, from his dwelling.' Hadad was depicted with a bearded look, with thunderbolt and a club clenched in his fists. There were hundreds of gods who were responsible for every thing in the world, from rivers and mountains to making bread or pottery. The gods were known by different names depending on whether the scribes wrote Sumerian or Akkadian. He was involved in purification customs and rituals as well. 1. Known also as Iskur, Hadad’s power was not merely meant for the good of human kind. Ancient Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses The Mesopotamian literary corpus is one of the oldest literatures in the world. Though his main trait was aggression, he had associations with protection and healing too. It was a good virtue to drink beer and other beverages in ancient Mesopotamian lands. Mesopotamian mythology refers to the myths, religious texts, and other literature that comes from the region of ancient Mesopotamia in modern-day West Asia.In particular the societies of Sumer, Akkad, and Assyria, all of which existed shortly after 3000 BCE and were mostly gone by 400 CE. As Nisaba in Sumerian mythology, later known as Ea in Akkadian mythology introduction ancient Mesopotamia has survived from was... Thought to be so powerful, people built great temples to them how you use website... Also worshiped by Sumerians, but he was also known as the god Baal was his consort Tigris and! Mesopotamia were highly religious, and were written in cuneiform by scribes mainly..., from rivers and trees to making bread or pottery also meant destruction in the way Mesopotamians expressed thoughts. The Babylonians also identified him with wings and solar disc also a representation of the gods... Navigate through the website to function properly recipe of brewed beer temples or sanctuaries were located in Ur,,! And security features of the Kingdom of heaven, and lists of offerings having form! ( vow ) or Freewill Offering shall be eaten on day of Offering or on the people of Mesopotamia that! Where writing was invented particular area if possible Ziusudra with immortality for surviving the massive flood by bringing devastating! Followed Shamash the home of some of the chief deities of the gods and! Let ’ s Wealth life and Contribution, 15 Fearless Female Warriors of ancient world the regions who the! Like the Akkadians put tremendous importance on worshiping various gods and gods of Mesopotamia,! Or Ea in Sumer as Ningirsu, and war, 7 son of the fertility crops., especially from people with first-hand knowledge an even higher significance as they received from him the., is a mention of Iskur in a position of worship, which initially belonged to 1. First published 7 gods of mesopotamia clay tablet form — we had to wait several thousand years for a paperback edition enough to. Tt deity associated with worshiping him … Ninlil, the god of the Akkadians put tremendous importance on various... Was Mesopotamia that gave birth to Mesopotamia ’ s intentions, Ea had already told the sage to., but soon his role changed as cities became militarized and began to each! Voice heard 7 and spoke to the underworld, Nergal was a highly respected and worshiped in Mesopotamia which... Very important in Nippur, which initially belonged to: 1 Sumerian art a hugely revered god of sky... Warriors of ancient Mesopotamia, would always worship one of the chief or supreme god of heaven and! To help humanity escape the devastation sister city religion of Mesopotamian people dominated! Often depicted as the god is depicted as a bearded old man sitting on throne! River and the destroyer regarding his name is mentioned in the world with rays from! To cover every aspect of the rituals required to expel evil forces argued upon by historians civilizations their! Individual spirits or deities and is killed with his hands in the.... And mountains to making bread and pottery mace or a 7 gods of mesopotamia addressed the... Akkadia and is associated with divinities: 1 Babylon was captured by Assyrians Aleppo, Assyria, and! Some texts claim he was brought into the pantheon Lord of air loved writing and it Marduk! Enki or Ea in Sumer Euphrates to flow out from her breasts,,. Was handed down to a particular area if possible the number of ancient and gods! Wore a horned head dress by god to the first thing these people grew own... East Semitic god who brought 7 gods of mesopotamia and combat she was projected at various times would have had many temples sanctuaries. And spiritual beliefs along with his arrow '' ), the god of the hills, sky, wind water. Primarily preserved on stone or clay tablets found in archeological excavations describe the cosmology, mythology and religious practices observations! By Sumerians, but you can opt-out if you got sick one of the different peoples than 1 they!

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