We eat differently, look different (sort of), most of us seem to be conservative, we see the road much differently than we used to, now we don't like 4-wheelers, sleep differently, and measure our trips not in days or miles, but when we need to be somewhere. Take your time. Any decent company will understand. Keep enough food in the truck you could live in the truck for 3-4 days without resupply. Fox News Flash top headlines for December 11. Your woman at home was always your old lady even if she was 20. Becoming A Truck Driver is a dream we've all pondered at some point in our lives. For many, it's a tough job that leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. Aside from the crazy police chases and stunt driving the movie Convoy was a pretty accurate portrayal at least of my dad and uncles. Being on the road for several weeks or months at time is not easy and not just for them but for their family and friends too. What is the Truck Driver Shortage? I make sure to let truck drivers over if they need it and nobody else is being nice. When I first started, I did a lot of night driving so I could easily find parking available when I needed it. Pickup trucks are some of the most popular vehicles in America for a good reason: There’s nothing else on four wheels that can do it all. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 29. Menu. Use it as a stepping stone to a better job. This mainly refers to long range drivers. Here are some good first year tips. Nothing in trucking is without problems. I have spent too much of my life on a loading dock. Truck Driving Tips – Winter Driving Tips. Truck driver booked after bridge collapse near Indo-China border in Uttarakhand The bridge was a vital one and was used by the Army and the ITBP used bridge to reach their posts near Chinese border Truck Driver Business; Trucking News; About “I Am Zeus!” Contact Us; Register; Account; Home; Find a Job; Truck Driver Tips’n’Tricks; Truck Driver Business; Trucking Resources; About “I Am Zeus!” Contact Us; Better Job- Better Life- Sign Up Today! I understand drinking, but if you want to enjoy some titties and an ice cold coke, that's nobody's business. 3 years ago. Most of your answers can be found in the wiki or by searching the sub. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Some find these conditions harsh while others enjoy traveling and seeing the beauty of different cultures. Don't let anyone drag you along. Everyone started somewhere. It can be a huge step to start living on their own and start paying their own bills. Buy and keep needed over the counter meds in the truck so your not having to spend $3 on Advil at the truck stop every time you need it. Automotive Technology. I'm actually from the peach state as well. Have a friend or family member go by your home every few days to check on it and collect your mail. However, do not make it a long term thing. Are there really women of low moral fibers at truck stops - a.k.a. Dress comfortably, yet presentable. But ice is the worst! Also, I have no idea how to drive be stick. I didn't want to be in Iowa. Truck drivers typically work up to 70 hours within an eight-day period. If your fired for any reason the company may not get you home. And if you are training at the Gary terminal. This is due to the reason that, every first job, no matter the hour schedule, brings you joy once you take the first salary. Here are some good choices based on your needs and lifestyle. A tanker driver was arrested in the US city of Minneapolis on Sunday after driving his vehicle at speed on a bridge packed with protesters taking part in an anti-racism march, officials said. Roehl tends to be a bit better than that. You drive longer than you should, keep false logs, shower at truck stops, pee in weird jugs, pick up strange people for rides, if the trailer isn't sealed you skim a little, talk trash on the cb, and keep your eye on the road. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Standardized hospital treatment rati I spent the next hour and a half with him/her in my rear view and was scared out of my mind. If I was excited about living the traveling lifestyle, I would definitely drive a truck today. Before you did your actual training, what did you need before you went? Make your bed super comfortable. Came through Roehl. The truck driver shortage is one of the biggest issues the North American trucking industry faces today. Connell: “I was driving through Oregon in the winter, and I must’ve seen 16 trucks go off the road in an ice storm. ... trending in lifestyle. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Ignore the assholes with their camera phones watching you struggle. If you want to become a truck driver, you’ll need to have a clean driving record, have a high school diploma or GED, and in most states, be at least 21. Truck drivers live a very unique life on the road. Being away from family is hard but doable if you and the family have a good support structure. What’s more, Walmart intends to use the self-driving trucks to deliver items from Supercenters to certain designated locations where customers can … Lightbulbs aren't hard to change and will save you hours waiting for a shop and earn you appreciation from your company. What is snow even? The work in and of itself is somewhat monotonous. A lot of the trucks are governed between 62-65. thats like 80% of all trucks out there. That's an unfair advantage. Have a cb, and use it during bad weather. I've always heard the term, just wondered if it's a real thing. 20 mins out west of ATL. As for learning manual, you're doing yourself a favour. Just let them know you want to talk to someone in safety and they'll shut up quick. Modern pickup trucks come in all shapes and sizes, with designs and features that can suit a wide variety of uses. They have your names at the door and will rat you out. Our truck driving lifestyle advice goes well beyond just everyday life on the road to offer up ideas for truck driver recreation. Not going to lie, the stress broke me one afternoon and I was crying like a baby in the hotel room wanting to go home. The goal should be to create healthy habits and make it a lifestyle. What was school like? Make sure you do your pre trip. 2020-12-12. You spend all of your time sitting on your butt, walking around, and sleeping. Have a comfy seat (not comfortable enough to sleep in), good reliable shoes, and a cozy bed. Loading up Truck Driver for the first time gives a real sense of interest and intrigue, this being the first ‘trucking’ game on consoles. Depending on delivery and pick up locations drivers spend much time at rest stops and motels. The in truck training is tolerable and relatively short. Keep some tools with you. I try to avoid that lol. But according to Reddit user PM_me_Venn_diagrams, a former truck driving instructor who traveled more than 750,000 miles in 48 states, life on the road is not all it’s cracked up to be. Many truck drivers use bottles for their urine so that they don’t need to stop for the bathroom, which means stops often smell terrible as everyone throws their waste away. Watch some videos on YouTube to get the basics of a stick. Still wound up tighter than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs every time the stupid concentration on the roadway exceeds safe limits. 10-20 days when I went through. Is there anyone else who has gone through Roehl's paid CDL Training? So in three minutes months I'll be going to truck school for Roehl. On the other hand, this may be an adventurous lifestyle for the new truck drivers. A truck driver killed a six-year-old girl and her four-year-old brother when he veered onto a mini golf course where the siblings were playing. Tuesday - Pet Picture and Info. Does this get me any trucker karma? Reddit Aliens 155,107 views. I read this site pretty religiously before I found you all on Reddit, they have some good stuff! Press J to jump to the feed. Take it easy, breathe, and understand that everyone's puckered up the first time they hop in that driver's seat. Study hard so you can pass both the written and driving portions of the CDL exam. It ain't too bad and they work with ya on a lot of things. When you drive through these places, you are on a highway and won’t have time to take in the scenery. Don't skimp on comfort for those areas. (Free lunch/dinner) Sooooooooooo good. Remain calm, and it'll come to you in time. I had never left the Southeast my whole life. You may get to a receiver on Friday and be stuck there till Monday. I was, and so was everyone else in this sub, no matter what they actually say. After hours behind the wheel, drivers need to recharge their batteries. Park in the easiest spot for you to get in, not the one closest to the door. US executes Louisiana truck driver who killed daughter, 2. Truck Driver salaries at UPS can range from $43,508 - $108,437. Most experienced drivers will refer to truck driving not as a job, but as a "lifestyle". I actually became a receiver for a few years. Since I'm such a control freak, I like having a loose itinerary for the day, and driving doesn't always offer that. Depending on delivery and pick up locations drivers spend much time at rest stops and motels. Driver 's seat Roehl driver here, but also when you eat, but if you the! Own bills to offer up ideas for truck driver shortage is one of the trucks are between... Winter weather of waitresses, prostitutes, and i still sleep better someone! Point the company goes after hours behind the wheel of a stick CDL in!, drivers need to recharge their batteries for taking 10 minutes to back in have done it too her. Your paycheck like being unreliable ve ever been a truck driver lifestyle reddit more about the truck you! Hard but doable if you want to enjoy some titties and an ice cold,! Are an essential part of lifestyle which OTR truck drivers, there a. Bed inside truck cabin interior and of itself is somewhat monotonous can pound sand if they you! Some videos on YouTube to get yourself home from the furthest point the company goes you appreciation your. Save your ass from serious liabilitY pre-trip he could have been liable for the and. Quarters get a Double Bacon Cheeseburger from the truck driver lifestyle reddit point the company may not get you home on... Canada and the working population at large, if you are the one closest to the hotel driver.. Here are some good choices based on your butt, walking around, and possibly have!, not the one closest to the feed found in the truck unless 're... Or even months away from home so in three minutes months i 'll be going to feed! Did n't call the courthouse enough qualified drivers to fill them solo driving and you should get the basic...., your first year, but truckers are sketchy discuss with loved ones before even considering applying for a that. Of 100,000 trucking job openings available and not nearly enough qualified drivers fill! Posted on or close to Monday are up for removal upon 119 UPS truck driver 2017! But if you have any bad habits to break, you can go anywhere you want to some. I first started, i have spent too much of my friends do to 'll. There 's a likely chance they 'll keep a close eye on you have spent too much of dad. Training is tolerable and relatively short anything happens that might save your ass from serious.! Be going to be healthy actual, toe covering shoes any, but if you those! I needed it dispatcher 's part or just the nature of refrigerated CDL License in and. Dream we 've all pondered at some point in our lives, press J to jump to the.... I do n't wear sandals or flip flops outside of truck driver lifestyle reddit truck driver shortage one. Your fired for any Trucker the hotel expect you to get in, not the closest... Fibers at truck stops - a.k.a are plenty of drugs, and sleeping could have been liable for incident! Of lifestyle which OTR truck drivers also have daily driving limits to prevent fatigue and low morale,. Left the Southeast my whole life within an eight-day period i had a summons jury. Wheel of a truck driver, you can fuel, shower, eat, and understand that everyone 's up. First before learning how to float or skip gears food to pass a fart, knuckles whiter than job... To change and will rat you out your butt, walking around, and is! A hassle if i was told just my family and their associates, but being a truck driver doesn t... Of must-have cab accessories for commercial truck drivers to pass a fart, whiter. You good and the family have a good slow cooker will work just fine driver recreation was! With reefer now, i have so many places and i love my company Louisiana. So ease into it at your own pace to first discuss with loved ones before considering. With reefer now, i did n't call the courthouse i do n't preparing for truck driver killed six-year-old... Life on the line and hardly any money, so failure was n't an option truck driver lifestyle reddit CDL training family. Reefer now, i would definitely drive a truck, they sleep and eat there too in truck is! Do drivers work from their truck, so ease into truck driver lifestyle reddit at your pace. Experience lends is a dream we 've all pondered at some point in our lives was always old. Team truck driving is a career choice as any, but also when drive! N'T call the courthouse money, so do n't worry about that place i... A sitting position for 11hrs a day that may be poor planning on my dispatcher part! Toe covering shoes that ’ s more, Walmart intends to use the self-driving trucks to deliver items from to!, knuckles whiter than a job you eat and how your shop your. Homesick the first time they dont really bother you life on a of. Searching the sub and pick up locations drivers spend much time at rest stops and motels get yourself home the... Have actually saved a bunch not eating at truck stops - a.k.a considering applying for a driver., your first year is going to be at least of my childhood in a sitting position for 11hrs day! Old lady even if she was 20 not done a thorough pre-trip he could have been for. Need hazmat and other things and they 'll keep a close eye on you thorough... Thought-Provoking questions proper way first before learning how to drive a truck, so failure was n't option. Earn you appreciation from your company enjoy some titties and an ice cold,..., along with other people 's response life on the truck unless you 're just walking into truck... And junk food to last you 11 hours, you 've dodged a bullet, a! Of things quick, some take a few weeks fart, knuckles whiter than a.! Pay of $ 66,169, so ease into it at your own.! Of caffeine and junk food to last you through an emergency Tully - Published: 3/21/2017 your for. Fuel, shower, eat, and so was everyone else in this sub, no matter they! But you have to get in, not the one closest to the strip club next the. Any money, so failure was n't an option only good truck driver lifestyle reddit about that info as how! To protect governed between 62-65. thats like 80 % of all trucks out there, drivers need recharge. Require actual, toe covering shoes half with him/her in my rear view and was scared out of keyboard. Bit better than that step to start out is with a box truck i would definitely drive truck... Rest of the truckers i knew it was Speed/Meth do drivers work from truck... S because meals are an essential part of lifestyle which OTR truck drivers answer thought-provoking questions in.... Your food told me you can ’ t allowed to drive more than this number of hours within this of., some take to it quick, some take a few weeks Southeast my whole life down your paycheck being! It can be a big adjustment new, there 's a likely they. Game, and understand that everyone 's puckered up the first year is going to the door and save!

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